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Meet the People #FightingALS
with the Brigance Brigade Foundation

Tom Perszyk and Grace Weyker

Tom and Grace met at a church meetup event for singles. As Grace was pulling out of the parking lot after this event to drive home, Tom pulled out behind her. When she turned right, he turned right; when she merged onto the highway, he merged onto the highway. He was still right behind her when she reached her neighborhood. Grace worried that Tom was stalking her, until Tom turned left, a block before Grace’s house. It turned out they lived less than a block apart. Grace and Tom continued to get to know each other, eventually began dating, and then married in 2012.

Tom was playing on 3 baseball teams during the Spring of 2016, and noticed it felt more difficult for him to run. Tom went to see many doctors, he assumed that whatever was wrong would be an easy fix. Until Tom was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2017.

Grace has spent a large percentage of the last seven years as a caregiver for her loved ones. First, she left her job at a Fortune 500 Company to care for her father during his battle with prostate cancer. Then, just two years later, she left another job to care for her mother. When Tom was diagnosed with ALS in June 2017, Grace became a primary caregiver again.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Grace has been faced with the decision to take time off from work to be Tom’s full-time caregiver in order to minimize the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

People living with ALS (PALS) are among the most vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. For 13 years, the Brigance Brigade Foundation has relied on our annual events to ensure we can help our PALS community with critical care, equipment, and resources. Now, more than ever, we need your help! Please visit to learn about our programs and make a gift.