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Meet the People #FightingALS
with the Brigance Brigade Foundation

Jerry and Linda Willis

Jerry and Linda Willis met in their senior year of high school and have been married for 47 years. Jerry and Linda are the type of people who know that what matters most in life is prioritizing spending time with friends and family members. You can tell by the way they speak about their family that their great joys in life have been seeing their two children and four grandchildren grow up. Jerry has maintained a close friendship with his roommate from his freshman year at Howard University. Every month the two friends attend an ALS support group together, where Jerry has fostered even more relationships. When Jerry’s name comes up between people in the local ALS community, you can see people’s faces light up upon recalling Jerry’s kindness.

Jerry’s Brigance Brigade Foundation PALS Grant provided financial assistance so that he can be assisted by a caregiver each morning. As it seems with nearly everyone he meets, Jerry has built a personal relationship with his caregiver, and looks forward to the time that he spends with him each morning. As Jerry’s primary caregiver, Linda reflects upon the impact that a BBF PALS Grant for in-home care has had on them “We can’t thank Brigance Brigade Foundation donors enough, we are so grateful for that help because it is a challenge for me to do everything to care for Jerry by myself”.

In addition to receiving a Brigance Brigade Foundation PALS Grant, Jerry and Linda are also Brigance Brigade Foundation donors. Linda explains their decision to give back to BBF “We believe in the work that the Brigance Brigade Foundation does and after receiving a grant we thought that we should give what we could”. Jerry and Linda’s commitment to building relationships, includes the extended ALS family. They recognize that the ALS community also needs to be taken care of and have prioritized paying it forward to make sure that PALS receive the help that they need right now.

Join the Willis family by giving back to the ALS community. We have a variety of options for personal giving – Champion’s Circle, single contributions, recurring monthly donations, fundraising events, planned giving, workplace giving and more! Contact us to learn how you can maximize your personal philanthropy to provide direct resources for PALS in need.