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Meet the People #FightingALS
with the Brigance Brigade Foundation

Dr. Emile Mohler III

By Tom Mohler
Brigance Brigade Foundation Board of Directors

My brother, Dr. Emile Mohler III, was a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania specializing in cardiology and vascular medicine, and worked throughout his life to understand humanity through science and research. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy from Boston College in 1983 and going on to earn his medical degree from Georgetown University in 1988, he developed a number of inventions and found groundbreaking medical discoveries used to treat patients with cardiovascular diseases.

While he was an internationally renowned Doctor, he was also a brother, a husband and father of three, who became 1 of the approximately 6,000 people diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2016. Despite the devastating diagnosis, he continued to work, conduct research and stayed the same family man he had always been. The impact Emile had on my life and others, before and after his diagnosis, speaks to the passion he strived to live with every day.

His strength during his battle, which ended in 2017, prompted me to join the fight against ALS with the Brigance Brigade Foundation and create the E-Team.