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Official media sponsor of WJZ

Brigance Brigade Foundation’s Soirée with O.J.

Brigance Brigade Foundation’s Soirée with O.J. VIEW OUR UPCOMING EVENTS September 29, 2023 Each fall, we gather our community to celebrate O.J. Brigance’s birthday as a milestone to honor the lives & legacies of those impacted by ALS. Money raised through our BBF signature events ensures we can fulfill our critical mission. We are committed to […]


5.7K Championship Race and 1.57 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk VIEW OUR UPCOMING EVENTS Each spring, BBF hosts a 5.7K run event to raise funds for its PALS (People Living with ALS) grants program and to honor O.J. Brigance’s jersey number 57.  The event features a 5.7K race but for non-racers, it includes a 1.5 Mile […]

Corey and Jennifer Polen

“I graduated from Ball State University in 2001 and married my college sweetheart, [Jennifer]. We built a home in Brownsburg, [Indiana] in 2001. I am so blessed to have Jennifer in my life. We have three amazing children. I love being a husband, father, and uncle. I have always been active; I enjoy working out, […]

Jim and Barb Berry

“Before his ALS diagnosis, Jim Berry was an athlete who participated in triathlons, mountain climbing, golf and biking. He even ran the Chicago Marathon twice. Before retiring due to his ALS diagnosis, Jim was also an engineer and an entrepreneur. Barb, Jim’s wife of 31 years, is Jim’s primary caregiver and a schoolteacher. Barb and […]

Heather Hildebrand

If you’ve ever been to one of the Brigance Brigade Foundation’s signature events, you may have met the Hildebrand family – Heather (PALS), her husband Steven (CALS), and their daughter, Elsie (6). In their living room, Heather and Steven’s engagement photo is proudly displayed. In the photo, Heather is wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey and […]

Antonio Briggs

“In high school, I was an all-star quarterback and enjoyed football. I enjoy music – singing, playing the keyboard and writing lyrics. My professional experience has been diverse – I pastored for 13 years, I worked in real estate and was Founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization in DC. I enjoy fine dining and […]

Tom Perszyk and Grace Weyker

Tom and Grace met at a church meetup event for singles. As Grace was pulling out of the parking lot after this event to drive home, Tom pulled out behind her. When she turned right, he turned right; when she merged onto the highway, he merged onto the highway. He was still right behind her […]

Dave Parker and Christy Hansen

Dave Parker, PALS, and Christy Hansen, CALS, met while working at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and were married in 2016. When asked about his path to a career at Goddard Space Flight Center, Dave recollects “I always had a love of airplanes and space. I enjoyed flying as a private pilot for several years. […]

Jerry and Linda Willis

Jerry and Linda Willis met in their senior year of high school and have been married for 47 years. Jerry and Linda are the type of people who know that what matters most in life is prioritizing spending time with friends and family members. You can tell by the way they speak about their family […]

Seth and Erika Poling

“Seth was an avid hunter prior to his ALS diagnosis. He played and excelled in sports in college, including football and baseball. He worked until summer 2019 as an independent contractor for oil and gas leasing. Seth’s [ALS] symptoms began in 2014. He saw a neurologist in 2015 that suspected ALS, but said that Seth […]