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Official media sponsor of WJZ

Meet the People #FightingALS
with the Brigance Brigade Foundation

Antonio Briggs

“In high school, I was an all-star quarterback and enjoyed football. I enjoy music – singing, playing the keyboard and writing lyrics. My professional experience has been diverse – I pastored for 13 years, I worked in real estate and was Founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization

in DC. I enjoy fine dining and family time. In the near future, I will release a book that I am presently working on.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with ALS. The devastation I felt when I received the diagnosis and that my lifespan was 2-5 years was a tremendous shock to me … I began to pray for answers and for healing … My journey has been long and very heartbreaking at times because of the cost of care, equipment and adjusting to a whole new way of living to survive. However, I still fight daily to beat this condition and overcome the many challenges I often face.

My mother and my sister, Marie, have made many sacrifices to make certain that I am receiving love and care. They go above and beyond to try to help me while trying to work and maintain their normal lives. I see two strong and amazing women who will go out of their way to make life easier for anyone they can. My aunts have made many sacrifices [to ensure I receive] the necessary services and care. These four women inspire me the most because of their unselfish love and concern about my welfare, even when things seem impossible, they encourage me to persevere every day.

[The Brigance Brigade Foundation PALS Grant Program] will allow me to receive the necessary in-home care which would allow me to be surrounded by family who love me. When someone with my diagnosis is granted this type of support, it allows one to better cope with having to live an abnormal life … It provides hope and reassurance that you matter, even when life may seem unfair at times.”